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CityCycle Hotline

1300 CCYCLE (1300 229 253)

7.30am to 5.30pm, 7 days a week.


If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact our Customer Support team.

Available to assist you :

   by phone 1300 229 253


  from 7.30am to 5.30pm 7 days per week.

Step by step guide to using CityCycle


How to sign up to the service and, hire and return a bike.

1. Sign up

To use CityCycle you must sign up.

There are three offers available to join.

- Free Membership online only

- $2 Casual Pass is available at CityCycle stations with Tap + Go facilities, providing 24 hours of access to the scheme.  

Remember the first 30 minutes of every journey is FREE. For journeys over 30 minutes, usage fees apply.   

Once joined, you can hire any bike from any station in the network area 24 hours a day seven days a week. 

2. Hiring a bike

To hire a bike, log in at the terminal using your Access Card or Casual Pass number. Enter your PIN, follow the prompts and select a bike from the terminal screen. You will have 60 seconds to press the unlock button on the bike rack of your chosen bike. Once you have pressed the unlock button you have up to five seconds to remove the bike from the rack.

3. Returning a bike


When you have completed your journey, simply locate the nearest CityCycle station where there is an available bike rack.

Walk the bike up to the bike rack and using the automatic locking system, secure the bike into place.

An audio signal of two beeps and a green indicator light on the bike rack will confirm that the bike has been locked correctly and your hire is finished.

Always check your bike is locked correctly. If not, you will be held liable if it goes missing.

If you are unable to lock your bike into the bike rack, please try again at another available bike rack, or contact the call centre on 1300 CCYCLE (1300 229 253) and a CityCycle advisor will handle your request.

1 minute needs to lapse before you will be able to take a bike out again.

No bike racks available?

If there are no available bike racks at your chosen station, scan your access card (or enter your casual pass number if you are a casual user) at the terminal to indicate you are trying to return your bike. The terminal will then display nearby stations where bike racks are available. In this instance, you will have up to 15 minutes of free hire to return your bike to one of these nearby stations.