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CityCycle Hotline

1300 CCYCLE (1300 229 253)

7.30am to 5.30pm, 7 days a week.


If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact our Customer Support team.

Available to assist you :

   by phone 1300 229 253


  from 7.30am to 5.30pm 7 days per week.

What happens if a bike station is full and I can’t return my bike?

If there are no available bike racks at your chosen station, scan your Access Card (or enter your Casual Pass number if you are a casual user) at the terminal to indicate you are trying to return your bike. The terminal will then display nearby stations where bike racks are available. In this instance, you will have up to 15 minutes of free hire to return your bike to one of these nearby stations.

Due to the nature of a public bike share scheme, we cannot guarantee station or bike availability at any time. Our free App, AllBikesNow (available on all smartphone platforms), has a real-time map that displays how many stands and bikes are available at any of our stations, at any time. Members can also use the ‘My Account’ feature to check journey history, update personal information and more.

How do I lock the bike?

When you have completed your journey simply locate the nearest CityCycle station with available bike racks. Dock your bike into a spare rack, you’ll hear a double beep (BEEP BEEP) and a green light will illumninate on the stand to signal a successful return.
Anti-theft lock
Each bike comes with an anti-theft lock (you can find it located in the basket). It is recommended that you lock your bike into a CityCycle station where possible, however if you need to lock your bike for a short period, follow the steps below:

- Take the wire lock out of the basket; wrap it around a fixed object.
- Place the wire in the holder, located beside the metal stand-lock.
- When correctly pushed in, a key is released (located on the right of the lock).
- To release the bike, put the key back in its holder and gently turn clockwise.
- This will release the wire lock and you can place it back in the basket.

The bike you rent is your responsibility until you lock it back into a bike rack at a CityCycle station.

How long do I have to wait before I can take another bike?

When you lock a CityCycle bike back into a rack, you must wait one minute before taking another bike.

Are the bike seats adjustable?

The bike seats are adjustable and should be fixed to the correct height for you before you start your journey.

Follow the steps below:

1. Release lever. Loosen nut by hand if too tight.
2. Adjust height as required.
3. Push lever back fully to secure the bike seat.

How can I check the availability of racks and bikes at stations?

Three convenient ways to check the availability of bikes:

1. At each CityCycle station, the terminal provides information about available bikes and racks at the surrounding stations
2. You can also consult the CityCycle station map online
3. For smartphone users there is a free application called "AllBikesNow"

Can I use a CityCycle bike for more than one day?

The self-service bike hire scheme allows you to rent a bike for no more than 24 hours. The CityCycle service is designed for short journeys to ensure that the bikes are available for all to use.
If you do not return your bike within 24 hours, a security deposit of $48 is automatically debited from your credit or debit card and CityCycle will seek to recover the bike.

Can I purchase a Casual Pass at a Station?

Yes, using your credit, or debit card, visit any CityCycle station with Tap + Go facilities, any time of the day or night, seven days a week. Choose ‘Buy a Casual Pass’ and follow the prompts at the station. Once your payment is successful, you’ll receive a printed receipt with your pass number and deposit details. To check which stations have Tap + Go facilities, download our free app, AllBikesNow. If you have further questions, please phone the CityCycle Contact Centre between 7.30am to 5.30pm, 7 days a week.