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CityCycle Hotline

1300 CCYCLE (1300 229 253)

7.30am to 5.30pm, 7 days a week.


If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact our Customer Support team.

Available to assist you :

   by phone 1300 229 253


  from 7.30am to 5.30pm 7 days per week.

How can I see how much bonus time I have?

Simply access the ‘my account’ feature on our website or through our free app AllBikesNow, you will be able to see how much bonus time you have accrued. Members can also check their balance at a CityCycle station.

What is the CityCycle refund policy?

Please choose carefully. CityCycle does not give refunds if you change your mind or make a wrong decision.

You can choose between a refund, exchange or credit where goods are faulty, have been wrongly described or are different to the product purchased on the website.

Can I use the CityCycle scheme without signing up?

No. Customers must sign up for a free membership online, or purchase a $2 Casual Pass at a station before they have access to the scheme. Once joined, you can hire and return a bike at any CityCycle station within the network.
You can ride all day for free, as long as the bikes are returned within 30 minutes. After this 30 minutes of free use expires, usage charges apply. To avoid accruing usage charges, return your bike to any CityCycle station within 30 minutes, wait two minutes, and take another bike. This starts another free 30 minutes!

Won’t I lose time from my membership while I wait to receive my card?

No. If you chose to receive your Access Card by post, you can access the scheme by entering your Membership number and PIN while you wait for your card.

I am a member; can I access the system without my card?

YES. If you have lost your CityCycle Access card or left it behind, phone our Contact Centre on 1300 CCYCLE (1300 229 253) to arrange a temporary pass until you have your card again.

Translink go card Members who have lost their go card can request a new link number through the ‘My Account’ feature of the website or our free App AllBikesNow, or by phoning our Contact Centre on 1300 CCYCLE (1300 229 253), between 7:30am and 5:30pm, 7 days a week.

Why is My Account Frozen?

Reasons why your account may be frozen:

•You may have entered an incorrect PIN Number 3 times (You will need to contact the CityCycle Contact Centre to unlock your account you may keep or change the existing PIN number)

•Your bank card has expired (You can update your details via the My Account feature or by calling the CityCycle Contact Centre)

•Your card is lost /stolen or you have requested your account be locked (Please contact the CityCycle Contact Centre to discuss)

•The account is overdrawn (Check your credit card has sufficient funds or contact the CityCycle Contact Centre to discuss)

Casual Pass vs. Memberships?

A $2 Casual pass is valid for 24 hours, and cannot be renewed. Should you wish to continue cycling, a new Casual Pass would need to be purchased or you can sign up as a member for free online. To take out a bike, Casual Pass holders use a 6 digit ID number, and 4-digit PIN chosen during the sign up process.
Members access the scheme by swiping an Access Card and entering a PIN.

Depending upon how often you would use the service, there are two main options to consider. A Casual Pass is not ongoing, we only charge your card for that pass, and any relating usage fees. A Membership is ongoing until you cancel the membership. There is no lock-in contract, and it can be cancelled at any time.